in the raw organic farm

Everything we do with our farming efforts puts nature first with a mindset for life and diversity.

Pesticide Free

Our organic produce is grown pesticide,plastic and chemical free ensuring the food we bring to you is nothing but Mother Earth’s natural goodness.

Pure Organic

After restoring the land and soil by fertilizing with our natural eco-enzymes and pure organic compost methods, we let the raw of nature take over. This is how we cultivate and raise our produce organically.

Plastic Free

From our farming methods to the bottles, baskets and packaging in which we deliver our juices and produce to market, our focus is on being plastic free and sustainable. Our commitment extends to all aspects of our business from sourcing ingredients to creating new recipes, as well as reducing waste in all aspects of our business.

Our Story

It starts with the soil. For too long toxic pesticides and overuse of the land, like much of the planet, has rendered the soil that Bali farms void and empty of any nutrients. We are bringing back the Raw health of nature with our new organic efforts in our pilot programme in Bedugul, Bali by utilizing some of Bali’s ancient fertilizer wisdom. We have developed tinctures that completely revitalize soil life even in the worst conditions bringing back the soil microbes who create the nutrients necessary to make incredibly tasty produce.


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